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Decisional Balance Sheet
"My formula for change is completely unique in the marketplace...and in the world of corporate wellness. I guarantee that the concepts and tools I bring {with Drawn Into Wellness TM} are 'Game-Changers,' and will shift your culture of well-being in the workplace to one of personal responsibility and behavioral health."

Heather P. Shreve

"The Art of Becoming"
Connecting, Emotion, Action and Destiny

In the words of Carl Jung, “The greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insoluble; they can never be solved, only outgrown.”

            Heather Shreve, certified Wellcoach (ACSM), behavior specialist and author, is authentically passionate about facilitating peoples’ journey to their highest potential, and advocates the idea that “hitting bottom can be a ticket to the top.”  Heather demonstrates and takes her message to corporations and individuals alike; through her wellness program ( Drawn Into Wellness TM) as well as her personal transformation story; Caught On the Equator, Finding the Fire Within.  

            Heather reframes and exposes invisible forces that keep us stuck and then helps to harness our strengths and empower people to move forward. Beginning with her own adversity story of being jailed in Africa in 1983, Heather takes her audiences from “inspiration to transformation” and shows us once again how to turn our stories around, outgrow where we came from, and find the fire within!

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